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Moments With The Master, a Christian retreat camp, started with a vision.

Picture this:

“An open field, full of growth with wild flowers scattered here and there. In one direction is a small pond, looking up from there, you see a hill. Turning you continue to see small mountains all around.
           You can feel God’s almighty power surround you.
           You KNOW you are in His presence!!!

From another view, standing on the top of this small mountain, it is even a more spectacular scene. You can see all the way down into the valley. Then you know just a small part of how God felt when He looked on his creation and saw that it was good. (Genesis 1). Although silent now, if you stand and listen, you can hear the “Song of the Future”, the happy, joyful song of children’s laughter as it floats up from the valley.”

This was what Eric saw when he first came to the mountain. God has fulfilled that vision. On many weekends and through the summer, the hills are full of children and adults alike.

What a mighty God we serve!

This mountain belongs to God and is there for God’s work.

A vision was given to my father, Herbert Wright, (a minister of the gospel of Christ and church planner) about forty years ago to develop this mountain into a special work for God. Nothing happened then, but today that vision has been passed on. For twenty years, the dream has been with me. God prepared me in many ways for this ministry. God also gave this urging to build a camp to Eric long before we meet.

“How? When? What? Who?” Those were the questions we had unanswered, but we had learned that when God says go  — then with faith, we must go! “We asked ourselves. Are we crazy? Are we scared? Do we want someone else to carry on this vision? Yes! Absolutely! To all of these — but we knew we must claim this mountain and say ”yes” to our Lord. God then freed us of many responsibilities and with His love, has made us stronger as children of His, so we could be come to go and do His will.   Now for Gods glory, Moments With The Master is a Christian retreat camp used by God to further His kingdom.

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